If you like the gentle disposition of the Persians, but you have no time to care for their hair, then your choice, Exotic!


Tallisman MYA

  • Maneki-neko

  • Healing

Cat with the lifted paw (Maneki-neko) - a symbol of good luck, happiness, house heat, a cosiness and well-being. The pad lifted upwards allures these pleasures in the house. Such statues often put before Japanese temples. One cats lift the left pad - others right. On a legend, the left paw the cat allures buyers and visitors, and right - money and good luck. These nice creations are a traditional symbol for attraction of money, good luck and protection in your house or business.

Cat – a universal animal for all types of people: lonely and family, sick and too vigorous, poor and rich, lacks of talent and geniuses. Dialogue with a cat possesses therapeutic calming action. It can remove a headache, lower pressure, reduce or absolutely kill a pain. Communicating with a cat, the person gets rid of stress, to it becomes warm, cozy and isn't lonely. The cat takes away on itself all negative energy which the person has saved up for a day.


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Cattery "Tallisman" engaged in breeding Persian and Exotic cats of solid colors, as well as bicolor, harlequin, van.

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