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You welcome Tatiana!

Tallisman catteryWe welcome you to our small and still young Persians and Exotics "TALISMAN"cattery. Our nursery is located in a beautiful place of the Russian north in Vologda in the city of Cherepovets. All our animals live with us, surrounded by love, care, and are members of our families.


"TALISMAN"cattery specializes in breeding Persians and Exotics calico, van, and various combinations of tabby with white, as well as our nursery is going to open a separate line of color-points.

Our goal is getting healthy, sociable, socially adapted animals of modern type. We pay great attention to the selection of animals by type and genetics. Our cats are large eyes and a sweet, doll-expression faces.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site, and if you like our Persians and Exotics, please visit us again. We are happy to answer any questions about our cattery, our cats or kittens.

We wish to express special thanks Tatyana Ivanova Capriz-Tati for their confidence in novice breeders will support and understanding for their hard work and great cats.

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About us

Cattery "Tallisman" engaged in breeding Persian and Exotic cats of solid colors, as well as bicolor, harlequin, van.

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Tallisman cattery Snow Fire
Tallisman cattery Coco Chanel

Tallisman cattery Rose

Thunder Rolls

Vivian Lee

Red Sky

My Persian

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My Exotic

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Past Kittens

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