Kitten bought from my cattery is sure to become your mascot! Furry miracle will bring happiness to your home and good luck!

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We are always glad to see you at our Tallisman cattery!












We sell our kittens with SALES CONTRACT only.

We never sell our kittens to catteries keeping cats in cages, to the shops and for re-selling. And sometimes we ask a buyer for references.

We reserve the right of refusal of selling a kitten in every moment.

To make a reservation we expect a deposit from a buyer and deposits are not refundable.

We don't refund the money, but replace a cat/kitten.

When you buy a kitten from our cattery this means by default that you accept all the terms of our sale CONTRACT.


About us

Cattery "Tallisman" engaged in breeding Persian and Exotic cats of solid colors, as well as bicolor, harlequin, van.

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Tallisman cattery Snow Fire
Tallisman cattery Coco Chanel

Tallisman cattery Rose

Thunder Rolls

Vivian Lee

Red Sky

My Persian

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My Exotic

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Tallisman cattery More Photo....

Past Kittens

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