The Persian cat

The Persian cats differ tender character and full confidence to the person: their fidelity can be compared only to fidelity of a dog.

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Talliman catteryПрошедшие ВЫСТАВКИ




3-4 декабря 2011 года. Выставка "Сожружество" г.Москва WCF+ICU+МФА+FIFE+CFA

Выставка WCF   г. Череповец, клуб "Эль Мур" 21.01.2012 г.

BEST yunior 1 место   WCF ринг 1 место

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About us

Cattery "Tallisman" engaged in breeding Persian and Exotic cats of solid colors, as well as bicolor, harlequin, van.

Skype: turkeewa
Facebook: Tatiana Turkeeva




Tallisman cattery Snow Fire
Tallisman cattery Coco Chanel

Tallisman cattery Rose

Thunder Rolls

Vivian Lee

Red Sky

My Persian

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My Exotic

Tallisman cattery More Photo...


Tallisman cattery More Photo....

Past Kittens

Tallisman cattery More Photo...